Sunday, 8 July 2007

Half Time Results

Whilst in Chang-Mai, we reached the mid-point on our journey and celebrated with a beer and a lousy chili. A traditional past time of the Scottish Holidaymaker is to keep count of the number of Celtic or Rangers' football tops seen adorning our lobster-pink fellow countrymen. The final result being as passionate a score as a match result itself. For anyone who might be interested the half time report reads as follows:

The game got off to a slow start with neither team securing a point for a good six weeks. Then towards the end of our time in NZ Celtic snuck the first ball into the net with an away strip being worn by a fat lady in Warehouse supermarket. Celtic then clinched a second when an appearance in the paper and a show as opposition on the tele in a feature on Barcelona combined to take the Celts 2-0 up. A series of near misses for Celtic came next as countless people were seen with green and white hooped tops, but no Celtic badge meant no Celtic point as the ball flew past the crossbar time and time again. Celtic mantained the pressure though and with Rangers nowhere to be seen in the game, the blues took a further knock when a local on the Singapore underground passed the turnstiles with Nakamura's name on the back of his home strip. 3-0 up and Celtic would score a further two points before Rangers would put a ball behind the net. Phuket this time and on the beach, a Rangers flag flying high would give the Gers a very much needed lift of spirits. The Bhoys seemed a little dazzled by this as in less than an hour Rangers would score a second with a pedestrian walking along the road. 5-2 and a long fight for the next point would see the game move to the Vespa Bar in Phnom Phen. Celtic would have thought the green-washed pub would have played to it's favour but up the back in a frame, a signed Rangers' top would bring the score to 5-3. The half time whistle approaching and both teams upped their game. A market stall in Chang-Mai saw Larsson make a return to Celtic Park with his name across the back of an old home top bringing the score to 6-3. Then the crowd erupted when just as the ref raised his whistle for half time, and we raised our glasses to toast the mid-point, a Gers' adorned patron of a nearby pub sauntered passed to bring the half time score to Celtic 6, Rangers 4.

For the full time results, click here.

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Michael said... and lousy chili. What could be better? I predict a startling Rangers comeback in the second half. Rangers to win it by 10 or 12.